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High-quality sound at high Altitude

The specification comprises 16 Audica Professional MICROline full-range loudspeakers and three MICROsubs, selected to provide very even coverage with extended frequency throughout the venue. Black-finish MICROlines were chosen to complement the decor, and the subs have been integrated out of view.

The system’s DSP is provided by a Biamp Nexia CS and is powered by an 8 x 150W Biamp MCA 8150. Creston technology is also being used for simple and flexible control.

Room Zoom owner Daniel Kormann told II: “Altitude is a high-quality restaurant so we chose Audica Professional to provide the audio quality and appearance to match the decor and ambience of the venue. The wide, consistent coverage provided by the MICROlines was also ideal for the best placement of the loudspeakers. Replicating Audica’s EQ, normally provided by their MICROzone, was handled by the Biamp Nexia and ensured the system’s audio quality and reliability, and we supplied and programmed the Crestron system to give the staff a stylish and simple user interface.”

Also speaking to II, Audica Professional sales director Derek West added: “The MICROseries loudspeakers are designed and ideal for this application, not only aesthetically in merging where an ordinary box loudspeaker would look obtrusive, but in their ability to maintain a balanced frequency response at all sound levels, with good mid-range intelligibility and full frequency detail and warmth. This is particularly important in restaurants where considerable changes in output can be required for the greatly varying ambient levels at different times of the day. The system needs to sound as good at a whisper as it does when it’s pushed, and MICROseries are outstanding in this ability. Also, the satellite loudspeakers are full-range so it makes adding subs easier and more flexible to suit the application and venue.”