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Gem moves for new TDK Life on Record Wireless Bluetooth speaker range

Gem Distribution has officially launched a new premium range of TDK Life on Record wireless audio devices boasting 2.1 surround sound and Bluetooth technology.

UK hardware and software provider Gem Distribution has added the new TDK Life on Record wireless speaker range to its audio inventory.

The new TDK Life on Record line, which integrates Bluetooth technology, comprises the Wireless Weatherproof Speaker, Wireless Boombox, Wireless Sound Cube and Wireless Charging Speaker.

The four new wireless audio products have been created to offer an easy connection with Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile devices in a wide variety of locations and settings. And the line builds upon the initial TDK Life on Record audio products, which incorporate TDK’s Signature Sound technology.

The products utilise AAC codec technology to remove a layer of compression typically found in Bluetooth-enabled audio devices, enabling it to deliver superior quality and near-lossless audio. What’s more, the universal input flexibility also allows users to be more social with their music, sharing music no matter what mobile device they use.

“With the new audio line, we’ve continued to deliver on hi-fi audio quality and connectivity, while making it as easy as possible for music lovers to listen to their favourite tracks,” said Imation’s Toshi Hokari, executive director, Global product management, Audio & Video Information. “The new products allow listeners to always stay connected to the content that lives on their hand-held devices while enjoying the superior audio quality they’ve come to expect from TDK Life on Record products.”