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Extron announces new products for streaming AV over IP

The VN-Matrix 200 Series and VN-Matrix 300 Series encoders and decoders were unveiled at the 2010 NAB Show last week.

The VN-Matrix 200 Series and VN-Matrix 300 Series encoders and decoders were unveiled at the 2010 NAB Show last week. Presented under the Extron banner for the first time since the acquisition of Electrosonic’s Products Division, the VN-Matrix Series is designed for real-time transmission of high-res audiovisual content across standard IP networks.

The VN-Matrix system’s scalable approach means that it is possible to add extra encoders and decoders as required, with the ability to turn an IP network into a virtual routing matrix that is “practically limitless in size”. While the VN-Matrix 200 Series enables streaming of DVI & RGB video, the VN-Matrix 300 Series supports SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI video. Both VN-Matrix Series can be used on uncorrected networks and provide visually lossless picture quality for large projected images and high-resolution graphics.

VN-Matrix Systems encode video or graphics sources at resolutions up to HD or WUXGA, along with bidirectional audio and data signals, and decode the content back to the original source resolution utilising Extron’s PURE3 Codec wavelet-based compression technology.

Extron’s vice president of marketing, EMEA, Rainer Stiehl, told IE: “Currently there is a perception that streaming high-resolution video signals either creates a loss of fidelity or requires massive bandwidth on the network, depending on the required compression codec being used. With the Exton VN Matrix Product Series that implement the Extron PURE3 Codec, based on wavelet compression technology, we are able to stream HD or WUGA signals with superior quality, low- bandwidth requirements and low latencies of 70ms end to end.

“Streaming technology will not necessarily replace existing distribution methods but enables integrators to design systems with new flexibility and functionality that are difficult or even impossible to offer with any conventional distribution technology. A good example for this is the VN-Matrix Recorder that enables real-time record, store and playback of multiple Image streams that opens a new dimension of functionality.”