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Exterior colour changers light up Krymskyi Bridge

The decision was made in 2006 to update the lighting on the bridge, which was built in 1958. The Svetoservis Group of Companies and Mnogoprofilnaya Upravlyaushchaya Aviagrouppa (MUA) were commissioned to work on the project.

Martin Professional’s IP65-rated Exterior 600 colour changer fulfilled the technical and reliability requirements that had been requested. Martin’s official Russian representative, A&T Trade, supplied the Exterior 600 fixtures.

Svetoservis and MUA collaborated on the lighting control solution. Svetoservis created a special lighting program of complex colour scenarios by using MATLAB, a computer program that made easier work of colour space and colour change calculations as well as the creation and control of effects.

The lighting program allows for colour-changing speeds from slow to fast. It also offers the smooth starting of scenes, repetition of pictures and effects in different colours, the operation of lighting simultaneously by groups or individually and the easy addition or changing of effects.

MUA created special software to download the pre-programmed scenes into the controller. A GSM arch-recorder is used for wireless transferring and storing of DMX commands, and a Bluetooth DMX device is used for wireless DMS transfer and lighting control.