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Electro-Voice line array for Dutch theatre

The main system consists of 12 XLD281s (six per side) in specially designed portable racks, augmented by two Xsubs. The balconies are covered by eight more XLD281s and two XCS312 cardioid subs, while the centre cluster comprises six XLE181s.

Amplification is provided by 11 CPS amplifiers of various kinds. Two N8000 Netmax digital audio system controllers and a Telex MS-2002 intercom – which complements a Telex BTR-800 system – round out the specification.

Markus Schmittinger, export sales manager Western Europe for EV, told II: “The XLD line array system from EV exceeded all demands of the De Flint Theatre in terms of handling, flexibility and intelligibility. We are very positive that more and more theatre consultants will recognise this fact and step up to EV.”

De Flint’s audio set-up also includes a recently specified Midas PRO6 live audio system. To read II’s coverage of that installation, click here.