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Digital Village fits Harman systems at South Thames College

When the wider project is complete, students will be able to record from any source in the recording studio and undertake live recording from the theatre.

In co-operation with BAM Construction, Digital Village has undertaken extensive work in the college’s new wing during recent months. Multiple suites and studios have been fitted with JBL Control 24C ceiling speakers and Crown MA160 mixer amps, although the Dance Studio required a higher SPL and dynamic range, prompting the specification of 20 Control 26Cs, six Control 19CS 8in ceiling subs and Crown CDi 1000 amps.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Digital Village programmer Sam Brandon has constructed a flexible audio network based around BSS Audio Soundweb London processors. Encompassing six live areas and seven control areas, the network employs Harman Pro’s HiQnet London Architect Software and features three SoundWeb London BLU-160s (0x16), seven BLU-120s (0x16), one BLU-120 (4×12) and six BLU-120s (16×0), along with two Soundweb Original SW9016 audio/video matrix switchers. Collectively, this system provides a total audio matrix of 100 in x 172 out (DSP split across the three BLU-160s) and a video matrix of 8×8.

Digital Village installation manager Gareth Bevan commented: “Due to the number of touchpanels in this system requiring ease of control, BSS have added some features to the next release of London Architect for us, such as the ability to store auto log-in information to speed up the system boot-up procedure. There’s no need for any additional dynamics as all the processing is just being used to take care of the matrixes.”