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CueCore in control at Dutch Museum

Yde Girl died around 2,000 years ago - and now, she is the subject of an interactive exhibit at Drents Museum in The Netherlands.

Dutch supply, hire and installation company Lichtpunt Theatertechniek recently completed an installation with Visual Productions’ CueCore at the Drents Museum in the north east of The Netherlands. For a number of years, Lichtpunt have provided lighting to the museum, so when Drents Museum approached them for a new project that would evolve around the world-famous Yde Girl they were delighted with the opportunity.

Yde Girl died between 54 BC and 128 AD at approximately 16 years old and her body was remarkably well preserved in the peat bogs near Yde in the Netherlands. Drents Museum’s new Yde Girl drama is an interactive exhibit with sound, lights and projection used to illustrate the story of the girl’s life all those years ago. The museum needed the installation to run automatically and be low maintenance and energy efficient – and so Lichtpunt proposed the CueCore solid-state controller from Visual Productions.

The entire system is controlled by AMX with a connection to a KissBox and the on to the two CueCores which were used to control 435 LEDs and eight generic fixtures from Acclaim Lighting. The CueCore is triggered by DMX in sync with the audio and video.

Alongside this exhibit, the Drents Museum has undergone further renovation with another CueCore controlling eight generic fixtures and four RGBWA fixtures. This CueCore is controlled by an iPad through OSC and four presets running via the GPI off an AMX system.