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Conferencing equipment: top 10 solutions to boost productivity

To improve meeting and conference productivity manufacturers have introduced features including browser-based control, feedback suppression and IP bridging on the latest scalable systems.

Bosch increases productivity with versatile system

Bosch’s new digital conference system combines versatility with audio quality to increase meeting productivity in small to medium-sized spaces.

The CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System has plug and play functionality and has built in recording to internal or removable media. The CCS 1000 D controller is able to record and playback more than 4,000 hours of discussion with one 128Gb USB stick and up to eight hours via the internal memory.

The compact solution also includes modern digital language processing, Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) directly integrated and can connect to 80 discussion devices. DAFS enables simultaneous microphone and loudspeaker activity in each discussion device without acoustic feedback.

Advanced digital audio processing as well as leading microphone and loudspeaker performance contributes to strong speech intelligibility.

In addition, the integrated web browser includes microphone control for the chairperson, as well as recording and playback.

Bosch digital conference systems

Gonsin ensures stability through frequency switching

The DCS-3021 wireless conference system from Gonsin utilises 2.4GHz frequency hopping communication technology through Gonsin’s FS-FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). This allows the system to detect and select available frequency bands and avoid channel interference to ensure communication stability.

The system can process up to 500 devices and operate for up to 20 hours in speak mode. It also requires no additional setup with a host, transceiver and microphones all that are required to hold a meeting.

Gonsin wireless conference systems

Audio-Technica provides infrared security

The ATCS-60 uses infrared (IR) wireless technology to provide security in a variety of conferencing environments with no compromise to audio quality. The IR technology ensures the signal does not leave the conference space and there is no information leakage.

The extensive feature set includes four multi-language translation channels, automatic voice detection and camera control. Due to the upgradeable system structure, installers can specify a system that can be expanded in the future.

‘Conference Manager’ software allows for modifications to the microphone and camera settings affording more control to the user. There is also microphone placement flexibility to suit small to large meeting spaces and the IR technology provides the user with system configuration options.

Audio-Technica conference systems

Evoko’s portable unit has smart connectivity

Evoko’s Minto audio conferencing solution is a portable unit that can connect to laptops and smart devices and is compatible with Microsoft Lync and Skype using Bluetooth, USB or 3.5mm audio jack. Minto covers rooms of up to 20 people and captures sound within a 10m range.

The microphone system adjusts to different voice volumes, varying distances of participants to the unit and it also removes unwanted background noises.

Evoko conference room systems

Browser-based control from Biamp

Oreno from Biamp can control any Tesira-equipped conference room via mobile devices through a web browser with no additional software. The solution is comprised of three core components: Oreno Creator, Oreno Manager and the user interface.

It is designed for a variety of conferencing environments and combines ease-of-use for the end user, minimal programming for the integrator and simple deployment for the installer.

Oreno Creator is a core productivity tool allowing integrators to create and commission Tesira control interfaces through the use of templates and create the system control using the WYSIWYG interface.

The Oreno Manager has two components, an application that communicates with the Tesira system and delivers the user interface, and the Oreno Management Console accessed via web browser.

Biamp conference room audio solutions

Televic boosts accuracy with visual upgrades

The Interpreter Desk has been designed with a strong usability focus while also improving access with tactile feedback and braille indicators for visually impaired interpreters.

The unit has a greater video emphasis with a HDMI connection to link an external screen to the desk. The external screen uses the Plixus network architecture to display lip-synced HD video of the speaker with single frame delay. This helps interpreters pick up non-verbal cues and nuance to translate messages more accurately.

Televic conference technology

beyerdynamic brings a flexible setup

beyerdynamic’s Quinta is a plug and play conference system with the advantage of wireless microphone units to give added flexibility when setting up or removing the devices.

The triple band technology provides three frequency bands to ensure safe wireless transmission during operation. Quinta also uses algorithms and protocols for greater reliability and to work with WLAN.

The Quinta handheld transmitter can be connected for conference use, but can also be used for other applications such as panel discussions and interpreting.

Revoluto technology on the microphone units offers a large voice range while maintaining high sound quality and an unrestricted view of the dialogue partners.

beyerdynamic conferencing systems

Revolabs offers VoIP and USB bridging

The FLX UC 1500 is an inclusive solution made up of an IP and USB conference phone with extension microphones for larger conference rooms with the two extension microphones creating a wider pickup range. The model includes a high-performance speaker, and the ability to bridge VoIP and USB-based calls.

The device allows any caller in a PC or VoIP environment to collaborate with up to 18 participants within meeting spaces. The solution also removes the need for separate conferencing units for IP communications and USB requirements, saving a business money and space.

In addition to interoperability and convenience, the FLX UC also ensures call clarity having been tested against acoustically challenging elements present in modern conference rooms. It is equipped with premium tweeter and mid-woofer elements, four embedded microphones and two extension microphones, and integrated echo cancellation. Wide band frequency response delivers audio quality to conference calls, desktop audio or PC communication tools, on site or cloud-based.

Designed to integrate easily with third-party applications, the device also features a dialler with a 3.5in colour display and USB support. This allows users to connect to a PC, Mac, or Chromebook for use with applications such as Skype and Microsoft Lync.

Revolabs conference rooms solutions

Taiden’s all-in-one terminal with content sharing

The HCS-8338 Multimedia Conference Terminal has features including video on demand with 10 HD video sources accessible to users, and an on board camera to capture video of the speaker and link to videoconferencing systems.

Additionally, a microphone and built-in speaker improve audio intelligibility and a touchscreen interface for document and video sharing. An added function is the ability to force content for display on all units to keep attendees focused.

Integrators can encode HDMI, SDI and VGA signals to maintain video resolution on the terminal display. The all-in-one design of the unit also means there is less chance of system failures, which saves time and money on installations.

Taiden conferencing equipment

AKG adds operating modes and detachable microphones

The CS3 conference system from AKG is a modular and expandable solution with one CS3 base unit able to support up to 60 microphones for small to medium-sized applications. The base unit can also integrate with PA systems, recording devices, external audio sources and camera control systems.

As a plug and play solution, setup is straightforward and there are four operating modes for standalone or computer-controlled operation enabling automatic or controlled conferences.

The CS3 microphone station includes an interface connector to interchange the station microphone. The detachable microphones are available in two variations, the CS321 cardioid condenser capsule on 30cm long gooseneck and the 50cm long CS521.

AKG microphones