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Church resurrects tired AV to create XL ‘life changing’ experience for worshipers

RezDowtown turns to local integrator to create powerful audio, video, lighting and acoustic experience

When Church of the Resurrection outgrew its facilities in downtown Kansas City, they decided to expand. The Church’s culture is closely tied to a powerful and engaging worship experience, so the AV system had to make use of dynamic and powerful visual and auditory technologies. When the time came, Church of the Resurrection (RezDowntown) turned to local integrator, Stark Raving Solutions, LLC.

What was the client looking to achieve?

Church of the Resurrection planted a satellite of their Leawood, Kansas church in Downtown Kansas City in 2009. The church quickly outgrew its rented space and purchased a bar that was closing in the Crossroads District in 2011. Within a few years it was determined that the church needed to find additional space for needed capacity for the growing congregation. RezDowntown was able to negotiate with the Kansas City Star for the purchase of the 1.3 acre parking lot immediately to the south of the existing worship space.

Plans immediately were made to design and build the first new church building in downtown Kansas City in over 80 years. Part of the DNA of RezDowtown is a powerful and engaging worship experience. The worship leaders all write their own music and engage with worshipers where they are, in deeply authentic expressions. This all comes to life through powerful audio, video, lighting and acoustic design that enhances the experience. This was a major focus and huge priority for the church to have excellent technology so that it enhances the worship experience and doesn’t detract from it.

Why did you choose Screen Innovations?

RezDowntown receives their sermon both in live preaching and via video. During worship, text, creative backgrounds, and video are all projected on a centre screen. The performance of the video system is a high priority and the amount of ambient light in the room lead us to select Screen Innovations. The room size called for a large enough surface that we were directed towards Slate XL. Slate XL gave us the brightness, viewing angles, and ALR required to maintain high quality projected video as part of their mission-critical video system.

This screen has exceeded our high expectations. We knew that a larger ambient-light rejecting screen would be an improvement from what we already had, but we didn’t know it could be this good. The screen is crystal clear with no glare, and the colour is true to the source. Some people have even asked if it was an LED screen. We are very happy with it.

Anything else you would like to mention about this project?

This was a particularly meaningful project for several of us at SRS because this is our home church. It is also the first new church constructed in downtown Kansas City in over 80 years. To be a part of a vibrant and engaging church community that is only 9 years old and, in a position, to build a new worship centre is personally exhilarating and professionally rewarding. As we are with all our projects – we are humbled and honoured to be a part of the Kingdom work we are called to do.

System configuration

  • 220″ Zero Edge Slate XL Screen
  • Ross Video Switchers & Routers
  • Panasonic Projection & PTZ Cameras
  • Alcons Audio Arrays subwoofers and amplifiers, Martin Audio front fills
  • QSC QSYS DSP, and DiGiCo Sd9 Console
  • ETC _ & Jands Vista with S3 Control Surface for lighting control
  • LED color Chroma-Q Inspire house lights, Chauvet Rogue Hybrid and Wash moving fixtures, Chauvet Ovation E-910 full color front lighting, and Chauvet COLORdash batten and COLORado platform fixtures