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Christie showcases new digital display tiles

MicroTiles was undoubtedly a star attraction at this year's ISE, reports David Davies.

MicroTiles was undoubtedly a star attraction at this year’s ISE, reports David Davies. Although initially displayed at a series of North American events last autumn, ISE marked the European launch of the much-anticipated modular digital display tiles.

Possessing the ability to be stacked and clustered to create display walls of any shape or scale, the MicroTiles system incorporates a new, advanced optical design. The result, says Christie, is “a huge step forward in large-format digital display technology”.

Superior colour and image reproduction, the widest possible viewing angles and a near-absence of seams on display walls are among the features of the LED- and DLP-based system, which was in R&D for two years.

Christie also points to the LED light engine as a key component: it is rated at 65,000 hours to half-brightness usage, or nearly 7.5 years of continuous operation.

With a screen size of 16 inches (408mm) wide x 12 inches (306mm) high, the tiles also feature a shallow depth of only 260mm and require only 50mm of minimal clearance for rear ventilation.

“MicroTiles represent a distinct revolution in display technology that allows users to create their own digital canvas or digital wallpaper,” said Bob Rushby, the co-inventor and chief technology officer at Christie. “With MicroTiles, users can express their creativity and vision, and assemble the displays in ways that have previously been unattainable using current flat panel LCD, plasma or LED walls.

“Assemble the tiles any way you like, take them apart and re-assemble them in a new configuration, and they ‘recognise’ each other every time and adjust the image automatically. Our partners are discovering new ways of using digital display that would have been impossible or impractical before MicroTiles.”

Beyond ISE, MicroTiles are set to be launched in Asia within Q1.