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BSS Soundweb London selected for prestigious South African venue

The input stage features a Soundcraft GB4/24 24:4:2 channel professional mixing console, taking various microphone and DJ playback inputs, and retaining sufficient space for any rental companies to add on their own equipment. Two JBL EON10G2 loudspeakers are used for playback monitoring in the main DJ control booth.

The Catwalk has been designed into 14 separate sound zones, with independent control and input selection in each zone. The main floor specification consists of four JBL (Venue Performance) VP-7212/95 12in 2-way powered loudspeakers, flown in a central cluster over the main floor. Two JBL SRX728S subs – powered by a Crown I-Tech I-T4000 stereo power amplifier with built-in DSP – take care of the bottom end.

The other zones – among them the VIP lounges, smoking area and changing room facilities – are fitted with 48 JBL Control 25AV 2-way speakers, with nine JBL SB210 dual 10in subs providing the bottom end.

Two presets – Show Sound and Background Music – have been developed for the venue’s audio specification. The Show preset delays have been established in such a way that audio is focused at the front and all sources are controlled from the FOH console, while the Background equivalents are intended to give the impression that the audio is omnidirectional. All sources are controlled via the BLU-10. BLU-32 and BLU-80 were also used in the installation.

“The requirements called for an installation to cater for a vast variety of functions and possible audio set-ups,” the Wild & Marr project team told II. “Multiple zones were required in a concentrated venue, so a product that could process all the zones individually was required_ BSS is used to switch, and allows the system to change easily from ‘show sound’ to ‘restaurant sound’ using the delays and allowing the feel to be accurate.”