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Bosch unveils latest UML high-performance HD LED monitors

Bosch introduces its new UML 42 and 55in High Performance HD LED Monitors, with the company highlighting their possible use in city control rooms, airports or railway stations.

Bosch Security System has launched its new UML Series 42 and 55in high-performance HD LED monitors for analogue video, digital video recorders (DVRs) and PC applications.

The monitors feature high image quality in both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. The new screens are 30% thinner than the previous 42in version, and their analogue VGA input can accommodate the widespread use of PCs in today’s security surveillance systems. This makes them suitable for city control rooms, airports or railway stations. Furthermore, the setting of the screen is specifically designed for security cameras. The color accuracy tolerance at 6500K (0.003 tolerance) is more strict and the performance in terms of colour accuracy is higher than comparable products.

The UML Series 42 and 55in monitors support resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 and automatically adapt to the input resolution of the incoming video signal. Additionally, the panel refreshes every eight milliseconds to provide crisp, clear images without smearing. What’s more, by using White Light Emitting Diodes (WLEDs), they are able to provide higher colour saturation than their predecessors. Thin and light in form as well as weight, the monitors are also ecologically friendly, as they are halogen-free and have low power consumption.

To deliver high picture quality, the monitors automatically focus on setting the correct colour, temperature and gamma curve. Due to the non-linear relationship between brightness and input voltages, gamma corrections ensure that colour reproduction on the screens is accurate. For example, dark regions in the picture are increased in brightness while the contrast between light and dark areas is decreased overall.

“To increase customer satisfaction, our new UML Series 42 and 55in monitors have undergone stringent assessments by both in-house and external controllers,” said Ad Biemans, product marketing manager video systems at Bosch Security Systems. “For example, all products have successfully passed tests for alarm standard (EN50134), temperature, damp heat as well as shock impact and vibration, thereby fulfilling the standards we and our customers expect from Bosch.”