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Barging in: MA Lighting adds sparkle to Bahrain Financial Harbour

“We used two grandMA full-size, two MA NSPs, grandMA 3D and grandMA onPC to prepare and pre-program the full ceremony including the lighting for the official speeches, dance performance and final opening show,” recalls Pawel ‘Spider’ Pajak, lighting designer, operator and programmer of the event.

“During this project it was very useful to have a pda remote because we needed to have the possibility to adjust the positions of the 4Kw searchlights and architectural lights from different views”, continues Pajak. The main stage was placed on a barge in the middle of the harbour. Amongst others there were one centre screen and two side screens as well as 48 moving lights and 80 LED units attached on the boat. “The 50W green laser was place at the bottom of the building in the middle of the twin towers and together with two 8W lasers on the barge they created a spectacular beam show,” adds Pajak. Additionally three 10W multicolour lasers were used to create a graphic show on the barge’s centre screen.

“The MA system always gives me the chance to save a lot of time on the site because of its pre-programming capabilities. Working with the NSPs and the network is just perfect and extremely stable. The ‘worlds option’ gives a possibility to work simultaneously on two consoles and speed up your work, especially if you have lights that are placed in different areas,” explains Pajak. “The console is very user friendly and can be setup any way I need. For the preparation of this show two consoles were used to program in the same time different sections of lights. During the show one was used as a backup console.”

Tomasz Szwelicki worked as programmer, operator and crew chief. All lighting, sound and laser equipment was provided by Nabil Bourgeili of TechnoPro from Dubai. The spectacle was choreographed in cooperation with Flash Art Dubai who added an impressive fireworks display.