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1 SOUND powers Terre Haute Casino Resort

The 1 SOUND loudspeakers provide the audio for the Indiana-based casino in the main bar of the 56,000 square-foot gaming floor – for live music, sporting events and background music

The Terre Haute Casino Resort, in Indiana, just celebrated its grand opening with integrated 1 SOUND loudspeakers. The 1 SOUND loudspeakers were integrated into the main bar for live music, live sporting events, and background music. This central bar is on the 56,000 square-foot gaming floor, which has 1,000 slot machines, 50 table games and poker rooms.

NV5, consulting and engineering firm, and American Sound and Electronics, worked together to design and install various audiovisual aspects in the resort. For the central bar, two of 1 SOUND’s Contour CT28s were deployed in the ceiling paired with SUB310s. These 3-way, constant directivity, horn-loaded, point sources provided the SPL and energy needed for the space. For the central bar American Sound also installed a 360º, dual-sided, LED video wall above the bar.

Two other locations incorporated Cannon C8s and WSUB45s mounted to ceiling with their dedicated C-Clamp accessories.

Greg Martin, associate principal, technology & acoustics, NV5, said: “The CT28 speakers served as an ideal match for the space, delivering an uncompressed range of sound. This enabled patrons to engage in fluid conversation without having to compete with the system, while still ensuring energetic music levels were maintained.”

Daniel Martin, senior design engineer, American Sound and Electronics, added: “1 SOUND was easy to install and configure. After we applied the FIR presets from the manufacturer into the DSP/AMP, the process for commissioning the system went super quick. Any correction applied was for delay offset between the CT28s and the SUB310s as well as to counteract room anomalies only.”

He continued: “Accounting for any box discrepancies wasn’t needed at all. The system sounds great. The other two spaces with the Cannon C8 and wall subwoofer WSUB45 combo sound were just as impressive. Our consultants, colleagues, and most importantly, the customer, were impressed with the fidelity of the performance systems spaces within the casino facility. Clean mixes at higher SPL kicked off the opening day and weekend.”