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YouTube if you want to; Maverick posts video training

Comprising a VAB1 controller (with EVAC expansion card) and matrix, line manager, amplifiers and speakers, the newly installed system handles background music and voice evacuation duties.

The main component of the VARIZONE VAB-Line (Voice Evacuation, Announcement, Background Music) system is the aforementioned VAB1, which accommodates up to 51 inputs and 32 outputs, providing the opportunity to play out 32 different channels – eight per DSS-Bus – to an unlimited number of zones simultaneously. DSP and complete system control are included.

Andreas Bartsch, KLOTZ DIGITAL’s sales director, public address division, told II: “VAB-Line is a compact and integrated solution combining top-level security with audio infotainment in the same PA/VA system. As it is a digital solution, highest speech intelligibility and easy re-zoning [grouping of speakers to different or individual zones] are guaranteed. These factors are significant in explaining the success and popularity this solution currently enjoys in the market. More than 50 VAB-Line units have been installed and are in use worldwide.”