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True Colours gets WOW factor

Connectivity solutions provider WOW Vision has appointed True Colours Distribution to be its UK distributor.

True Colours Distribution, the technical division of Midwich, has been appointed by WOW Vision to distribute WOW’s products in the UK market. Demonstrations are currently available at True Colours Distribution’s s facility at Crowthorne, Berkshire.

WOW Vision offers products that are said to make it effortless to connect Macs or PCs wirelessly to large screens, monitors and projectors. According to True Colours, one of the biggest issues currently faced is one of the compatibility of different analogue and digital signals and connector types – and WOW Vision provides a future-proof and cost -ffective alternative for a system that would traditionally require input cables, wall plates, extenders, switchers and a control system.

WOW Vision, addresses connectivity problems by providing a facility whereby the operator logs on to the VEOS box through the wi-fi network. Content from the PC streams through to the network and then to the display. Accessing the network is said to be so quick and easy that even visiting presenters using their own laptops can connect via a web interface. But, says True Colours, the VEOS does more than just connect PCs to screens: multiple users can connect to one screen, streamlining the transition between presenters, while other items such as electronic whiteboards can be incorporated and shared by several participants.

“We see many new products at True Colours but very rarely one that offers a new solution to a problem that has been around for a while,” said David Raymen, technical director at True Colours Distribution. “ The product’s main feature to display multiple computers to a single display would have been enough to justify the inclusion into our range, but the additional functions such as collaborative white board, instant pole audience response and the ability to stream video from either a connected computer or directly from the VEOS are surely justification enough to name the product ‘WOW’.”

True Colours will initially be launching with two products, the mini VEOS and the pro VEOS. The mini offers all the basic functionality required for wireless connection while the pro will be fully loaded with all available features. True Colours Distribution is eager to welcome visitors for demonstrations of both products. Anyone interested should contact Martin Chambers, technical support manager at True Colours on 01252 876300.