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TELETASK in control at world’s first smart village

TELETASK’s Control Tower software brings together the surveillance aspects of multiple buildings that use the TELETASK-DoIP (Domotics over IP) concept. The operator’s main screen contains an overview of the properties, while any alarms appear in a dedicated window.

Control Tower software runs on a building management PC and is used for technical alarm processing and camera surveillance applications. The software is used by an operator who is responsible for the technical surveillance of a number of equipped apartments, houses, shops or buildings that use the TELETASK DoIP (domotics over IP) protocol. The Control Tower software allows up to five operators to work simultaneously from any location with an internet connection.

The main screen contains an overview of all houses or buildings (field map, area map, country map…). In the event of an alarm, the alarm message appears in a dedicated window and the relevant building is clearly indicated by a flashing symbol. The alarm is also supported by an alert with a repeated customised voice message, which asks for the operator’s most urgent attention. With the (temporary) permission of the resident, the supervisor can be given access to some of the basic functions of the house and other additional services can be offered. The operator can monitor and respond to problems such as a heating system failure, the sounding of a burglar alarm, or a power failure.

In addition, TELETASK DoIP enables the building management system to send automatic email and SMS messages directly to residents, independent of Control Tower and its operator.

About 25km outside Moscow, a new woodland village has been equipped with a TELETASK home automation system, complying to the DoIP, concept in each of 84 its intelligent low-energy houses. This enables the village’s management office to provide extra services. In this case, there is a guards’ office at the entrance of the village, equipped with the Control Tower remote management software.

Stand: 7-T180