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Red Square Audio takes first NTi Audio XL2

The delegation was co-ordinated by Rainer Springl from dnp’s German distributor, COMM-TEC. The seminar was introduced by dnp’s global sales manager, S_ren Kraemmergaard, while rear- and front-projection lectures were conducted by head of product management Jacob Christensen and product manager Johnny Jensen, respectively.

dnp used its showroom facilities to demonstrate the different rear- and front-projection screen types, while the company’s product management team elaborated on the theoretical background with specific reference to the concept of ‘eyegonomics’. Workshop topics included ‘how to build an MBS system’ and ‘how a Supernova Epic masking system works’.

Jacob H_nel Christensen, head of product management at dnp, told II: “With our high-quality optical dnp products it is a key success factor for dnp to have close relations [with] our sales channel and to provide continuous education of the channel. The COMM-TEC dnp dealer event was created to support this.

“The true value creation for channel and end-user of the dnp products is something that has to be experienced live in order to be understood – seeing is believing! – and thus hands-on dealer training is an important part of our channel support activities.”

Discussions are now taking place about the possibility of repeating the exercise and, in conjunction with COMM-TEC, holding a seminar for customers in Eastern Europe.