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projectiondesign acquires projectiondesign

Norwegian projector manufacturer projectiondesign has taken its North American business in-house with the acquisition of its long-time distributor - also called projectiondesign.

Norway’s projectiondesign has announced that it has successfully concluded negotiations to acquire long-standing partner and distributor projectiondesign LLC, the exclusive distributor of projectiondesign products in North America since 2004.

“North America represents the largest single market for our world-class projection and display technologies and we are consistently impressed at the scale, innovation, and dynamic ways in which they are used by our partners,” said executive vice president, Åsmund O. Fodstad (pictured) who was recently appointed by projectiondesign to drive its global growth. “Increasing our efforts and focus in this market will see a visible increase in presence and strengthen our ambition of being the preferred projector and services supplier. We’ve got the right mix of technologies and products designed specifically with customer requirements in mind to support this growth, and building confidence with our North American partners is key to the success of our increased efforts.”

“We are incredibly proud of how we have developed the projectiondesign brand over the past seven years,” said Gary Plavin, president of projectiondesign LLC. “It’s a natural progression for us to recognize the additional strength and synergies from integrating our operations with the head office in Norway and accelerating our growth in the Americas. This will also solidify our position as the preferred specialist high-performance projector and image-processing manufacturer. We look forward to the successful fulfillment of our short and long-term visions which will bring fantastic success and added value directly to our channel partners and customer base.”

North American sales, support and service functions will continue to be located in the Teterboro, NJ, US headquarters.

“Building confidence with our North American partners is key to the success of our increased efforts,” concluded Fodstad. “We will be more involved with market-leading innovators and will see our unique products and technologies incorporated into even more high-profile projects. Our sales model, where commitment to and relationship with channel partners is fundamental for success, drives us to accomplish this. Together with their unmatched and relentless drive for excellence, this initiative makes us proud to incorporate the hard work of projectiondesign LLC and now be in a position to provide even closer support.”