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Philips Public Signage to present UPP! player

The UPP! from MMD - the brand license partner for Philips Public Signage - is a 90g device that can be plugged into Public Signage displays, enabling user to control on screen content via WiFi.

The UPP! – it stands for Upgrade Public signage Player – is a digital signage solution from MMD, the brand license partner for Philips Public Signage. Weighing just 90g and controllable via an Android tablet or smartphone, the UPP! can simply be plugged into Philips Public Signage displays, enabling users to control what appears via WiFi. Content can be managed, organised and updated with Android smartphones, tablets or other PCs. At the heart of the device is an ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 1GB of DDR3 RAM. In addition, it utilises a 1080p HDMI connector and supports a range of video codecs. With additional USB, TransFlash (MicroSD) and Mini USB ports, managing and saving content locally is said to be simple. Videos, messages, maps or texts are transmitted to the screen and refreshed either manually or automatically at scheduled times. Root access allows for entering the system with administrator privileges, thus making it possible to program the system down to each individual device or to set up firewalls and app permissions. Stand: 10K119 & 10N120