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New features for Visix’ Announce signage software

Visix has improved its Announce digital signage content management software and will be introducing the new version at ISE. The upgraded model features improved folder functionality and notification of content requiring approval, simplified RSS message creation and streamlined layout design.

ISE sees the introduction by Visix of a new version of the company’s Announce digital signage content management software.

New features for version 1.3 include increased work area on screen; folder functionality has been added to media management tools to easily organise media files, such as animated wallpapers and message backgrounds, video and audio files and graphic images.

Notification of content requiring approval has been added to every screen in the web interface for specified users; the RSS feed extension module has been improved to allow message creators to simply enter the RSS URL for any message template that uses the RSS module; smaller thumbnails and icon-only previews have been added to the template manager, program manager and message manager screens; and the new software update utility streamlines updates to the software.

The company says that Announce provides powerful yet friendly desktop design tools within the browser and offers robust media management tools, animated templates and themes in addition to extensive data mapping tools.

Announce is said to streamline layout design, message template design and media management for users that are responsible for the overall look and placement of content. At the same time, Visix claims that it enables non-artists to easily create attractive multimedia messages while managing media content based on type, keywords, categories and name. Skilled designers can create animated fill-in-the-blank templates comprised of text, graphics and animated elements while setting transitions, timing and Z-order using the effects timeline. These templates are said to ensure that all users consistently deliver high-quality content meeting organisational standards.
Stand: 10S114