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Martin Professional and Robe Show Lighting resolve patent issue with new licensing agreement

Specifically, the new agreement – which incorporates a resolution to the issue that was the subject of litigation – enables Robe to utilise Martin’s US patents 6,601,973 (the ‘973-patent’), 6,971,770 (the ‘770-patent’) and 7,222,997 on gobo holder and animation wheel technology, covering Robe’s Color Spot product series. The agreement also entitles Martin and its affiliated companies to utilise technology covered by Robe’s US patent application 10/534927.

The upshot of all this is that Robe is now able to manufacture, market and sell Color Spot in the US, while Martin can produce and retail products incorporating the technology in Robe’s patent application.

“At Martin we take our intellectual property rights very seriously,” commented Christian Engsted, CEO and president of Martin Professional A/S. “When companies spend millions of euros on R&D to be on the technological forefront it is important that all the players in the industry show mutual respect for each other’s intellectual property. This agreement confirms that Robe and Martin act accordingly and it marks the parties’ desire to potentially enter into an era of strengthened co-operation in the future. We are very pleased to have resolved this matter quickly and favourably.”

Speaking to II, Engsted revealed that negotiations to resolve the litigation began in June and were completed in a mere two weeks. “There is really no precedent for this in Martin’s history,” he added. “Both parties were very amiable with a professional attitude, so a resolution was not difficult to work out.”

Offering his respective on the resolution, Robe Show Lighting CEO Josef Valchar commented: “Intellectual property rights – and respecting those of others – are of great importance to Robe Show Lighting. We have invested huge amounts of money and considerable resources in R&D and registering our IP portfolio, and are pleased to announce the positive results of collaborating with Martin to resolve these issues. The agreement also opens the door for potential future co-operation between the two companies.”

Engsted also suggested that the future could bring collaboration between the two companies. “Future cooperation could take a number of forms, but we will not speculate on what that might be at this time.”