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Mark Thomas secures position at Midwich

Midwich Security, a division of UK distributor Midwich, has appointed Mark Thomas to the position of director.

With 23 years of experience in the technology industry, Thomas has held management roles in installation and manufacture when he worked for TeleEye. This was a role that saw him help establish TeleEye as a brand in the UK video transmission market place. More recently, Thomas was involved in distribution with CCTV Center.

“We have a very young and energetic team here and I have a responsibility to use my experience in the industry to get the best from them,” said Thomas (pictured). “As a qualified life and business coach, I’m well placed to help the division succeed in harnessing the huge potential that Midwich Security offers.”

“Responding to customers’ requests is about more than delivering what they ask for,” he continued. “It’s about listening. If you really listen, you discover that what they need often goes beyond what they’re saying. You need to respond to the unspoken requests. This shows you’re paying attention and is great for business. And of course, we also have a duty to provide an unsurpassed experience for our vendors if we’re to ensure an efficient supply chain.”