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Legendary film critic Maltin collaborates with Kaleidescape

Renowned film critic Leonard Maltin has agreed to an exclusive partnership with Kaleidescape, enabling the movie server specialist to make available a collection of 'historically significant' films curated by the critic.

One of the world’s most respected film critics, Leonard Maltin, has joined forces with movie server specialist Kaleidescape to curate a new collection of ‘historically significant’ films.

Available exclusively from Kaleidescape, the Leonard Maltin Recommends collection also includes a number of contemporary films that viewers may have missed. Available on DVD (26 titles) and Blu-ray Disc (17 titles), with additional titles to be added on a quarterly basis, the collection will be supplemented by exclusive video commentary in which Maltin shares his thoughts, personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes information about each movie.

“‘Living in a Big Way’ was one of Gene Kelly’s rare commercial flops, but I selected it because it contains two of the most entertaining musical numbers he ever put on film,” remarked Maltin. “These pearly gems are rescued by Kaleidescape’s video bookmarks because you can simply select ‘Fido and Me’ or ‘Playground Medley’ to skip directly to the beginning of these innovative dances.”

Michael Malcolm, Kaleidescape’s chairman, founder and CEO, added: “Kaleidescape system owners are voracious consumers of movies, buying on average 51 titles per year. We’re thrilled to be working with Mr Maltin; his insightful commentary will help our customers discover and appreciate these lesser known films.”

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