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RobeSpot amasses many followers

Nemec with the new RobeSpot spotlight and camera controller

The RobeSpot controller allows one user to control up to 12 follow spotlights, or 12 cameras, to track a performer. It is automated, so that all fixtures follow the same target, enabling users to cover a large area, making it ideal for big events, such as an ice spectacular. For camera use, the controller is available for sale with Panasonic 4K pan/tilt/zoom cameras but can also be used with other PTZ cameras.

Also new is the T11 Static Profile LED, an entry-level model for theatrical or TV studio use that is simple to set up and can be controlled manually or semi-automated.

Robe’s Anolis brand of architectural lights now offers a new family of IP65-rated Calumma LED fixtures for wall washing or area lights that can be used outdoors. 

Pavel Nemec, international marketing manager, Robe, said: “We are using the same system of colour mixing as the Robe fixtures, so can deliver very artistic renditions of architecture.”

Disney is one of the first Calumma users, for its US theme parks.

Stand number: 5B110