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Netgear meets AIMS of interoperability

Celebrating a new alliance: (L-R) Richard Jonker, Andrew Starks and John Henkel

Netgear AV has joined AIMS (the Alliance for IP Media Solutions) to help promote interoperability for AV over IP, a move that has been warmly welcomed by the alliance.

“Netgear is a huge influencer in the pro-AV industry. Their success in infrastructure products has shown the way to take general IP equipment and shape it to the needs of the industry,” said AIMS board member Andrew Starks, who is also director of product management at Macnica.

“AV over IP is a hyper-growth area for Netgear. It’s been incredibly successful,” said Richard Jonker, VP business development, Netgear AV. “We still see growing fragmentation, so we’re delighted that AIMS is just like us: convinced that this market needs interoperability and ease of use instead of different silos.”

“We have watched the growth of IPMX [the open standards-based Internet Protocol Media Experience] to make things simpler, as this echoes what Netgear’s mission is – making things easier for people to adopt,” agreed John Henkel, Netgear’s director of product marketing. Netgear’s products “work with IPMX out of the box”, which “reduces installation time to nothing”.

Although there are other companies that create equally accessible IP-based products, “I think Netgear’s strategy is unique in that they focus on the AV market”, added Starks.

Stand number: 5J550/5D800