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Interview with Michael Liesenfeld, IMAGE Screens

IMAGE Screen's Michael Leisenfeld talks about his company's involvement in ISE, and shares some thoughts about what he expects to see in the coming months.

Please explain your involvement with ISE 2011.

IMAGE Screens has participated in ISE ever since the first show in Geneva, and, as a Germany-based manufacturer of high-end projection screens, we are delighted to have been chosen to provide a key element of the ISE 3D Theatre. Our range of screens today address a broad range of markets including virtual reality and simulation applications, broadcast, home theater and rental – and we also have the ability to develop specific screen solutions for customers whose needs are not met by our standard offering.

3D promises to be one of the key technologies driving the professional AV integration/installation market not only in 2011 but also beyond. Being part of ISE means being part of Europe’s most important show for system integration, for digital signage and for innovative home entertainment – as well as for many other important AV markets.

What do you think will be the key external factors affecting the market this year?

In 2011 more than ever before, customers will be looking very hard at how they invest their money. With budgets tight, we expect them to scrutinize every purchase to ensure that it represents long-term value for their organisation: they cannot afford to waste money on solutions that won’t last. Already, customers are asking us serious questions to confirm that they’re making the right decision: they’re willing to spend the money, but they need to be able to justify the expense. We believe that will put us in a good position in the market, because IMAGE Screens products are designed for long term use. All manufacturers will find that the benefits and advantages they offer will need to be benefits and advantages that are long-lasting.

What do you think will be the ‘star’ technologies of 2011?

We see two or three ‘megatrends’, rather than any “star technologies” that are already in place and that are changing the market on a daily basis. Perhaps the most compelling of those is the challenges caused by the increasing complexity of solutions – and the need to hide that complexity from users by making those solutions easier to use – that’s easier for the user, and also easier for the system designer and the integrator. That’s why a vital element of what we do at IMAGE Screens is to design ease-of-use into our products from the beginning – as well as designing in long term reliability and trying to ensure our products are future-proof. That takes strong dedication to the little details, as well as combining different solutions. You only have to look at products like our artMasque to know what it is that makes us so different.

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