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New training certificate programme launched for integrators

The new Certified Atlona Advantage Partner (CAAP) programme "combines self-paced, online learning with hands-on, instructor-led product training"

AVoIP specialist Atlona has announced the launch of a newly enhanced Certified Atlona Advantage Partner (CAAP) programme for systems integrators and resellers. The company said that the new scheme is an update of its popular Atlona Academy programme and will provide “self-paced” online modules on foundational AV concepts and Atlona products with two days of hands-on learning and remote, instructor-led product training.

“Remote learning became essential last year as the pandemic unfolded, but also has long-term advantages for our channel partners even once in-person training is back in full swing,” said Ken Eagle, senior director of global training, Atlona. “Employees’ time is precious, and remote training lets learners set their own pace rather than committing to several days at our facility. The self-paced portion of the CAAP programme also let us organise the curriculum into bite-sized learning activities that can be completed in pieces, even during evenings and weekends.”

The programme begins with five online Atlona Academy learning modules: 100-level Foundational AV; 200-level Circuit-Based Solutions; 300-level Velocity™ Control Training; 400-level Networking for AV; and 500-level OmniStream™ Setup and Configuration courses. Once the modules are completed, the student enrolls in hands-on product training, receives a kit of key Altona products, then spends up to two days in a live, remote, hands-on training session with an Atlona instructor to master their AV and product-specific skills.

Those enrolling in the CAAP programme earn AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) continuing education credits upon successful completion. More information about the CAAP programme is available through the Atlona Training Portal at