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IBC2016 Best of Show Award winners revealed

Installation is pleased to announce its Best of Show Award winners for IBC2016.

The awards recognise outstanding products exhibited at this year’s show, launched since IBC2015.

The awards were judged according to a number of criteria, including ease of use/maintenance, performance against category standard, richness/relevance of the feature set, value/ROI, versatility and originality.

Bluefish444 – KRONOS

The versatility to meet current and forthcoming standards through simple firmware updates, combined with wide operational flexibility, will suit many types of user in content creation, delivery and playback applications. Its high performance capability ensures it will remain a valuable investment for an extended time period.

Adder – AdderLInk XDIP

Taking advantage of the ubiquitous nature of IP networks, this plug-and-play KVM extender is a ‘good enough’ solution for many customers who do not require a fuller feature set. The same box can act as transmitter or receiver, simplifying matters for manufacturer and customer.

AV Stumpfl – Wings Vioso RX

This media server software includes a completely new multi-user workflow to enable users to control different aspects of a show at the same time and promote collaboration. Developed from scratch over four years, it boasts strong originality and will not require regular updates, while retaining a familiar user interface.

Congratulations to the winners, additionally all entrants will be featured in a Best of Show Digital Edition sent out after the show.