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Future proof your AV career by boosting your IT skills, warns Jacobs Massey

Leading AV recruitment firm urges AV professionals to bolster their CV to meet growing demands from employers

Leading AV recruitment firm urges AV professionals to bolster their CV to meet growing demands from employers

“It’s never too late to learn new skills”.

This was the message from Graeme Massey, the MD and founder of leading AV recruitment firm Jacobs Massey, who told AVTE that employer demands continue to stretch beyond traditional AV.

He explained job requirements have shifted significantly over the past 12 months, with employers increasingly seeking AV/IT hybrid staff, limiting opportunities for many on its data base seeking freelance and full time employment.

“The vacancies registered with us 12 months ago, look very different to what we see today,” said Graeme. “The AV technician of tomorrow will very much be a hybrid and not just someone that understands AV applications or has a basic knowledge of networking. They will have a strong background in all elements of AV tech that sits on the network, be that broadcasting, video, sound or control technology. The IT demands will only continue to grow and grow.”

JM currently has 829 permanent vacancies listed on its website, but insists “there are more jobs in the AV sector than we can physically fill,” and the extra demands, are making it increasingly difficult for traditional AV technicians to find work. “Demands are now higher from employers,” said Graeme.

Graeme is therefore encouraging people, experienced or just starting off, to boost their qualifications, highlighting CCNA and CTS amongst the most desirable.

“Any formal qualification you can ascertain will be of benefit to your career. I’d never suggest those qualifications supersede experience, but once you’ve secured that qualification, no one is ever taking that away from you. It will help to open doors.”

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