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Google’s meeting room kits for the ‘future workplace’

With discussion around technology investment for the workspaces of the future gathering pace, many tech and platform providers are rapidly developing solutions to enable companies to move quickly into a new age of flexible workspace environments, which has been accelerated significantly by the impact of the global pandemic.

In keeping with this trend, Google this week launched its Series One meeting room kits for Google Meet, in partnership with Lenovo, to help companies manage the shift to more remote and decentralised operations. The new Series One kits use Google’s latest AI capabilities to deliver enhanced audio and video quality together with its proprietary TrueVoice noise cancelling technology.

Each kit includes a regular or extra large 4K smart camera – the Smart Camera XL features 20.3 megapixels and a 4.3x zoom – helping to make digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) effects and automatic participant framing possible without compromising image quality.

As you’d expect from Google Meet hardware (we use it here at Future towers!), installation and integration is uncomplicated, utilising PoE and a helpful colour-coded cable management system, while the compute system is ‘purpose-built’ for Chrome OS… again, helpful if your business is already using G Suite.

Providing detail on the AI capabilities in its release, Google stated: “All Series One room kits take advantage of the same tech used in Google’s data centers, built right into the Meet Compute System and Smart Audio Bar. The Coral M.2 accelerator modules with Google Edge TPUs allow for AI-powered audio and video processing that preserves privacy and allows Series One to take advantage of future machine learning innovations, while maintaining high performance and reliability for AV workloads.”