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Enhancing the team – EtherSound signs two more key players

Jimmy Kawalek, business development manager at EtherSound, has obviously been a busy man of late. This month’s PLASA show saw the French-based company sign up two heavyweight licensees, strengthening its position in the rapidly evolving market for networked audio. Peavey announced it was licensing EtherSound for use in future Peavey, MediaMatrix, Architectural Acoustics and Crest Audio products, while Yamaha has already begun implementing the network audio standard in new audio distribution hardware.

“We are very excited to have Peavey Electronics, a company with an unsurpassed track record of success in professional audio markets, as a member of the EtherSound family,” says Kawalek. “Along with the industry in general, we are eager to see how Peavey and Crest Audio will deploy EtherSound networking technology.”

Kawalek is also hailing Yamaha’s decision to join the EtherSound community as “a strong confirmation that we have the right solution” and one that will “help keep Yamaha at the forefront of professional audio’s transition to an all-digital, networked environment.”

Both of the new licensees are stressing that the potential for their products to operate seamlessly with those of other manufacturers is a key factor behind their decision to sign on EtherSound’s dotted line.

“The ability to inter-operate with a wide range of complementary products is important to our customers, and therefore to us,” comments Hartley Peavey, founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics and CEO of Crest Audio. “As the networked audio market grows, EtherSound will enable us to continue to expand our scope and deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Keisuke ‘Kevin’ Kobayashi, general manager of Yamaha’s Commercial Audio business unit, adds: “EtherSound makes it simple to make Yamaha digital consoles part of networked audio systems including products from multiple manufacturers. Our customers have proven that this technology is reliable and flexible.”