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DVI and HD-SDI versions of Teracue’s ENC-300 encoder

The encoder/decoders now also benefit from error correction and a metadata upgrade.

There are two new options in Teracue IPTV Systems’ compact, pure hardware H.264 HD/SD video encoders and decoders for Forward Error Correction and KLV metadata. Its ENC-300 H.264 encoders and DEC-300 decoders now support the broadcast industry standard Pro-MPEG Forward Error Correction, to enable failure-free video IP contribution and internet streaming, even if the network and IP connectivity is not perfect. The ENC-300 Series also supports the NATO Standard STANAG 4609 to insert and embed KLV metadata into the video stream in real time. KLV encapsulation allows labelling and time stamping the video stream with mission critical-, medical-, environmental-, geo-/orbital- or GPS-data. Additionally the MISB Standards 0603.1, 0604.2, 0605.3 and SMPTE 12M-2 are supported. Stand: 1-E80