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Datapath eyes videowall collaboration with MOSAIQQ buy

Datapath has completed the acquisition of MOSAIQQ Inc, a Silicon Valley based company, that will allow Datapath to bring optimised collaborative working to the mainstream videowall market.

“Designed to complement the already comprehensive range of products that we offer here at Datapath, this acquisition underlines the importance we place on the growth of the collaboration market in operation centres and control rooms; in fact in any collaborative business environment,” said Bjorn Krylander (pictured), managing director of Datapath.

Anders and Nina Nancke-Krogh founded MOSAIQQ in 2009. “Touch technology really set our minds racing, particularly with regard to the potential benefits for big display applications,” explained Anders Nancke-Krogh. “This is why we created MOSAIQQ.”

The company set about developing software with wide appeal for those working in operation or command and control centres, enabling them to use a videowall as a large, shared desktop that would offer a number of different functions. These include: the ability to collaborate, assign and delegate tasks instantly, in real-time, without the need for the cloud; simultaneous interactivity within the same application by multiple users; and the mixing and matching of sources regardless of where they originate from.

With the acquisition of the MOSAIQQ, Datapath is taking this software developed for large multi-nationals and integrating it with its own WallControl 10 product to make it accessible to the mainstream videowall market.

“In effect, we are extending WallControl 10 by adding interactive features that will be highly valuable to control rooms, meeting rooms and collaborative/information sharing environments which have more responsive needs,” said Krylander. “This represents one step on Datapath’s journey to move with purpose into the collaborative marketplace, and customers can expect further developments moving forwards.”