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Crestron expands training programme

Crestron has added three new courses to its education programme for 2017, starting in the summer.

“For Crestron, investing in training and education is a key foundation to helping our integrators take advantage of the opportunities in both the commercial and residential markets,” explained Robin Van Meeuwen, CEO of Crestron EMEA. “Our high quality training programme is extensive, designed to deliver real benefits to our integrators and incorporates both classroom courses as well as convenient online training sessions.”

The three new courses for 2017 include ‘Crestron Technical Institute – Technician’, which consists of a series of online primer videos followed by a one-day classroom course. Attendees will leave this course with the knowledge of how to perform set-up and configuration functions necessary to install and maintain a Crestron system.

The second new course, ‘Crestron Studio for Residential Lifestyle,’ delivers the ability to rapidly build and tailor bespoke residential systems. This course is intended for new and existing Crestron integrators aiming to develop their skills in programming or configuring systems.

The third course added for 2017 is ‘CTI – Avia System Design’. This one-day course is aimed at professional audio engineers and Crestron programmers and focuses on Crestron’s latest Avia audio solutions, which include Avia DSPs and software tool, new multichannel and modular utility amplifiers and new speakers.