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Buying again: AMX expands digital signage offering with acquisition of Inspiration Matters

Inspired Signage products allow customers to schedule and deliver vibrant, animated multimedia content to display screens across a network of sites locally, nationally or globally. Its media distribution technologies are used in a variety of commercial environments, including retail outlets, movie and performing arts theatres, sporting and concert venues, financial institutions, businesses, hotels, exhibit and conference spaces, and schools.

Rashid Skaf, AMX president and CEO, comments: “The digital signage market has been a topic of discussion for many years, but it is only now – as the cost of display technologies has come down – that the demand for digital signage has really taken off. AMX has identified digital signage as a high-growth market that aligns with our overall corporate strategy, and we will continue to expand our product portfolio in new and exciting ways.

“With the additions of AutoPatch, Endeleo and now Inspired Signage, AMX will be able to offer a variety of robust, end-to-end digital signage solutions – from distribution and switching technologies to content design and management. AMX customers will now have a virtual one-stop-shop for digital signage solutions that will meet nearly any audio-visual communication need.”

The Inspired Signage solution consists of pre-configured hardware and intuitive software, enabling users to manage content, graphics and animation targeted at chosen audiences, such as current and potential customers, employees and students.

“While the Inspired Signage team has been extremely successful in the United Kingdom, we know that we have just begun to scratch the surface,” says Bryan Crotaz, research & design (R&D) director, Inspiration Matters. “With access to AMX’s worldwide sales and distribution channel, as well as its marketing organisation, Inspired Signage will now be able to reach heights we only dreamed possible.”