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Biamp reveals Distributor of the Year winners

The new programme expands AMX University training to include three separate facilities – in London, York and Hungerford – each focusing on a specific content area. The AMX University courses taught at AMX UK in London will focus on technical and programming training for AMX NetLinx, InspiredSignage and Vision2 products lines. Meanwhile, the AMX University courses at AMX Europe in York will offer experienced AMX programmers the opportunity to further advance their skills by undertaking in-depth courses that focus on integrating the Resource Management Suite (RMS) and AMX Device Discovery third-party manufacturer software tools.

The AMX University courses taught at RGB Communications (Hungerford) will support the programming and installation of the Novara ControlPads and Solecis Switching/Interface product lines.

Brian Davies (pictured), European technology and training director at AMX Europe, told II: “AMX views education as an important investment in our success and the collective success of our customers and their end-users. Having a strong, focused training offering, with recognised levels of achievement like our AMX Certified Expert (ACE) programme, is an effective way of ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction. Our recent training expansion both in terms of our new London office and our partnership with RGB Communications offers our customers more flexibility to improve their skills and abilities.

“Our new course offerings, both online and classroom-based, are tailored to a range of technical skill levels and business interests. Gone are the days where courses were developed for technical staff only. While technical courses are still essential, we now have a variety of courses specifically for the more sales focused.”