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Audio-Technica’s AT5040 offers groundbreaking performance

The hand-built microphone is on show at ISE alongside an array of conference systems and installation mic products.

The four-diaphragm AT5040 cardioid condenser microphone is Audio-Technica’s flagship product among its array of conference systems and installation microphone products at ISE. The “groundbreaking” AT5040 is hand-built and all components have been selected for optimised capsule performance, with each aspect of the microphone carefully considered to minimise any effects on the audio signal. Audio-Technica is also showcasing its ATCS-60 highly secure infrared conference system, which avoids the data-leakage of radio-based alternatives. Its flexible designß includes an array of modular components, such as the ATCS-V60 voting unit and range-increasing transmitters and receivers. Stand: 1-G95