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Analysis: corporate continues to perform well, but growth slowing

The corporate market continues to account for the largest segment of pro AV revenue, according to AVIXA's latest Industry Outlook Trends and Analysis (IOTA).

The corporate market continues to account for the largest segment of pro AV revenue, according to AVIXA’s latest Industry Outlook Trends and Analysis (IOTA).

Although the corporate sector generates the most revenue, growth is expected to be somewhat slower than the overall industry, at 1.5% annually from 2017 through 2022. AVIXA’s new 2018 Market Opportunity Analysis Report (MOAR) covering the corporate market examines the opportunities and challenges for providers of pro AV solutions and technologies.

MOAR: Corporate begins with an exploration of the corporate office worker to understand their workplace needs, behaviours, drivers of satisfaction and usage of technology. Next, the report looks at clients of AV solutions, often referred to as end users, or the influencers and decision-makers involved in pro AV systems integration projects within corporate offices. Lastly, the report presents the viewpoint of the pro-AV systems integration providers on their successes and trials working on the AV systems in the corporate landscape.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Increasing productivity is the main driver to corporate AV spending. This takes increasingly different forms today, as many office workers are being reached on mobile platforms such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones, rather than via traditional desktops or in conventional conference rooms. Often these mobile devices are brought in by the employees themselves, creating security and content sharing challenges. Workforces are also often distributed, requiring collaboration technologies for empowering teams.
  • Despite mobility, organisations are pulling the focus back to the office environment. While companies still seek to provide workers the flexibility to determine when and where they can do their best work, a growing faction of corporate America is attempting to create more innovation by bringing employees back to home base. AV technology implementation is the way for companies striving to make the office a modern workspace, in part by improving user experiences.
  • Corporate sizing of project plans affirms the size and scope of the pro-AV opportunity. Given the broad and diverse challenges faced by the current business environment, decision-makers remain focused on upgrading or installing audiovisual technologies and solutions to support office workers. This is reflected in increased planned capital expenditure among corporate technology managers to the tune of approximately $181 billion in the U.S. for 2018. This translates to nearly $12 billion in AV systems investments this year.
  • Consistent with an office focus, plans emphasise collaboration space. Project plans focus mostly on upgrading AV products and services that are utilised in conference rooms, both large and small as well as incorporating AV technologies like audio equipment and capture and production equipment. Integration of existing key solutions will be a part of these plans, with significant increases for security and surveillance systems and wireless presentation technology.

“What used to be a series of disconnected flagship conference rooms have become communication and collaboration points, tied together with networks,” said Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence, AVIXA. “What were cookie-cutter office buildings have become statements of corporate identity, brand, and culture. Where individuals used to be housed in a rabbit warren of individual offices, open concepts with privacy rooms and huddle spaces have emerged to facilitate inter-team coordination. All the while, some companies are instead down-sizing their headquarters or local offices to encourage and support telecommuting and remote work.”

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