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VIDEO: Korean shopping centre wows customers with giant video wall and tower to enhance shopping experience

Michael Garwood 8 March 2018

MUST WATCH: Impressive Absen manufactured video walls providing new advertising opportunities whilst driving great engagement with visitors 

One of Korea’s largest indoor shopping centres ‘Starfield Goyang Mall’ has teamed up with LED display solutions provider Absen to create a ‘unique and entertaining’ digital experience for visitors.

The Mall, which opened in 2017 and covers 135,000 square metres, has deployed a circular video wall covering a circular area of the building, placed between the fist and second floor (see picture). There is also a 50-foot-high and a 24-foot-wide curved video tower composed of 360 3.9mm panels providing numerous internal and external advertising opportunities, as well as as customised contents created by Montreal-based Moment Factory.

Examples (shown in the video below) include a store front being transformed into a waterfall before switching to an underwater scene, with dolphins, a shipwreck and tropical fish amongst other things.

The Mall features 560 global and domestic brands as well as 100 restaurants and eateries distributed in three food courts. Starfield Goyang includes Shinsegae Department Store, wholesale discount store Emart Traders, Aquafield spa and water park facility, Sports Monster indoor sporting facility, a movie theater, and other entertainment facilities.

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