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Vue Audiotechnik speakers in Oslo music venue

Multipurpose Oslo music venue Ingensteds has a flexible new audio system featuring Vue Audiotechnik loudspeakers.

The AV team at Trondheim and Oslo-based Avon has designed the new audio system at Ingensteds around Vue Audiotechnik‘s i and a-Class loudspeakers.

Housed in what was originally a 19th century brick factory, Ingensteds is a new music venue in the heart of Oslo that’s quickly becoming a popular hot spot for events ranging from classical music performances to disco parties and weddings. The multi-purpose venue opened its doors last summer after completing a major renovation.

“This venue hosts a varied mix of music performances and special events, so we needed an extremely flexible system that would look clean and blend with the aesthetic,” explained Avon’s owner Edgar Lien. “In essence, we needed relatively compact loudspeakers capable of delivering ample amounts of clean output for livelier events, or a more subtle and neutral sound for classical performances.”

In addition to versatility and aesthetics, the main performance room’s tall ceiling and abundant reflective surfaces demanded loudspeakers with exceptional pattern control as well.

Lien’s final design includes front of house and monitor systems comprised entirely of Vue Audiotechnik a-Class loudspeakers. Custom-painted Vue a-15 and a-8 two-way systems hang above the stage with specially designed flying hardware for minimal visual impact. Low frequency comes courtesy of dual as-215 while four Vue a-10 two-way systems are deployed as monitors.

Lab.gruppen IPD 2400 and IPD 1200 series amplifiers provide system-wide power, while a Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 digital desk handles the mix.

“The Vue a-Class sounds absolutely amazing and provides extremely consistent voicing from the 8in all the way up to the 15in cabinets,” commented Lien. “What’s more, coverage from the Vue loudspeakers is extremely well defined, which really streamlined the installation process and allowed us to easily cover the listening areas while avoiding overflow and the reflective walls.”

To keep floor space clear and maintain the venue’s intimate feel, the Avon team designed custom soffits to house the subwoofers neatly under the front of the main stage.

“The as-215s deliver the perfect balance of sub and mid-bass impact,” continued Lien. “They really accent the full-range a-15’s perfectly and deliver an amazing amount of output for their size. It’s nice to have that available when the music calls for it.”

In addition to the main performance space, supplemental sound reinforcement is delivered by three VUE i-4.5 two-way systems in the mezzanine area. The Lab Gruppen amplifiers provide necessary delay and level matching across the two listening zones.

“We couldn’t be happier with how easily the system came together and how capable the VUE loudspeakers are,” concluded Lien. “From disco to classical music, the system is more than capable of handling anything the owner throws at it night after night. That’s exactly the type of customer satisfaction that makes this job so much fun.”