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Vivitek launches visual collaboration solution

Vivitek has launched NovoConnect – a new wireless visual collaboration solution.

Vivitek has made its way into the collaborative presentation arena with the launch of NovoConnect – a wireless presentation solution that allows up to four devices to be displayed on a single screen simultaneously.

Laptops, PCs or other mobile devices running Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android operating systems, wirelessly communicate HD display quality (1080p) content to a central display. Participants simply click a button and they can share content. The system is designed to facilitate meeting room collaboration in workplaces or classrooms and offers users the freedom to connect and disconnect from the central presentation system without numerous cables.

As a security feature users have to input a pin number to connect with the solution.

The system supports Power Point Presentations, Word, Excel and PDF files as well as numerous other programmes, including JPEG, Tiff, Internet and Cloud-based services (Dropbox, webmail etc). It can connect simultaneously up to 64 users in Client Mode, or eight users in Hotspot Mode

“The launch of NovoConnect is another milestone in the expansion and development of our interactive portfolio,” commented James Hsu, director of EMEA operations at Vivitek. “With its wireless functionality and multiple device and content format support, NovoConnect creates a collaborative work and learning environment which is stimulating, fun and guarantees participant engagement and satisfaction. I’d highly recommend that workplaces, schools, and higher learning establishments check out NovoConnect to see how achieve the workplace or classroom of the future, right now.”

The system also provides instant access to all common Cloud-based resources so that content stored remotely can be used and shared.