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Vivitek launches new generation of full HD home cinema projectors

Vivitek has launched two new home cinema projectors which deliver 1080p resolution, coupled with deep colours and brightness for a 3D entertainment home experience.

Visual presentation manufacturer Vivitek Corporation has announced its next generation of two new full HD home cinema projectors. The H1180HD and H1185HD have a full HD 3D feature set and are designed to entertain in a wide variety of dark or moderately lit environments.

The Vivitek H1180HD delivers 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, while the H1185HD offers 2500 ANSI lumens as well as ISF mode for both day and night calibration options. Both projectors are full HD 3D directly via HDMI port and their native 1080p resolution allows 3D and 2D performance.

The new home cinema models include SRS WOW audio sound technology to deliver a cinematic experience with deep and rich bass, as well as the Texas Instruments’ DLP DarkChip3 and BrilliantColor technologies which enhance images images with deep blacks. The Vivitek H1180HD and H1185HD offer a complete set of multimedia connectivity options such as two HDMI v1.4 inputs to allow users to connect their cable/satellite receiver, Blu-Ray disc player or video gaming console. Each unit also provides VGA, S-Video, component and composite video inputs, as well as a 12v trigger. Moreover, thanks to a new generation lamp, the lamp lifetime is extended up to 6,000 hours in eco mode and its position on the top of the projector also facilitates its replacement.

“Our new home cinema projectors will perfectly fit in with all types of custom installation, whatever the room size or lighting environment. They units deliver strong performances with high brightness ensuring they deliver a full cinematic experience in a residential setting,” commented Holger Graeff, General Manager EMEA of Vivitek Corporation.