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Vestel brings PCAP to education sector

Vestel has launched a PCAP (projective capacitive) 65in 4K interactive display for the mainstream education sector.

The IFC empowers educators, giving them the opportunity to tailor their teaching methods according to the learning styles of each individual student.

Designed with 20-point capacitive multi-touch, the display provides enhanced touch accuracy and pen precision, offering a natural and fluid writing experience. Using the display controller to distinguish real from unintended inputs, the IFC significantly improves pressure responsiveness and written accuracy, even allowing users to rest the palms of their hands on the screen as they write.

Thanks to its anti-glare and scratch-resistant screen and 400 nit brightness levels, the IFC delivers a higher standard of visibility, offering colour vibrancy and definition in even harshly lit environments.

With the Vestel PCAP display, educators can maximise net learning time. While features such as Auto Launch and USB Auto-Play offer quick-start support, the USB security feature enables educators to maintain a fast-paced teaching momentum, allowing USB devices and the content on them to be securely locked in place behind the display’s back panel.

Offering a low maintenance and cost-effective solution, the IFC comes with System-on-Chip technology. This functionality enables educators to work online for easy access to content cloud management systems. When connected to a Local Area Network, educators also have the option of using either LAN or RS-232 control to set a core range of scheduling functionality from any location. Equally useful for ambitious projects, SoC supports API, allowing schools and universities to develop their own educational applications.

To support a wider variety of teaching methods, the IFC offers OPS compatibility with Windows as well as Android PC modules and Vestel can offer the IFC with Windows 10 pre-installed.

“Democratising access to leading-edge technology, Vestel is offering schools and universities with varying budgets equal opportunity to adopt and integrate one of the most progressive interactive screen solutions to date,” said Mark Dew, head of B2B sales for the UK.

“Taking interactive technology to the next level, our PCAP display personalises the learning process, boosting developmental progress for everything from writing and problem-solving to more creative art and design skill sets.”