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US community auditorium gets 7.1 audio with Renkus-Heinz line arrays

A specially designed Renkus-Heinz Varia loudspeaker system has been installed in the newly-built District Six Fine Arts Center.

The District Six Fine Arts Center in Roebuck, South Carolina has had a Renkus-Heinz Varia loudspeaker system specially designed and installed. The newly built 1,500-seat auditorium serves the community and schools in the area. Located on the Dorman High School campus, the centre hosts theatre productions, concerts and a variety of other events.

Theater Consultants Collaborative of Raleigh, North Carolina specified Renkus-Heinz Varia modular point source line array loudspeakers. The main front of house system comprises left and right flown arrays of eight Varia VA101-7 7.5 degree cabinets and one VA101-15 15º cabinet.

“Varia was an ideal choice for this venue because its variable coverage pattern enabled us to use fewer boxes to achieve the same coverage,” explained David Clyburn from Musicraft, the company handling the installation. “The result was a reduction in both cost and weight, as well as improved sightlines. And the directional capabilities of the Varia arrays eliminated the need for separate under balcony coverage.”

For low frequency reinforcement, six DR18-2 Direct Radiating Subwoofers are ground stacked in concrete reinforced chambers to the left and right of the stage. “The subwoofers are installed three to each side in cardioid configuration, 16ft above the stage floor,” added Clyburn.

To address coverage in the balcony, four PN121 two-way Complex Conic systems were installed. Finally, 20 PNX81 two-way systems were installed around the auditorium for surround sound reinforcement, creating a true 7.1 surround sound environment in the auditorium.