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Renkus-Heinz launches immersive Experience Center in the Netherlands

Experience Center will highlights combination of Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers with the avant-garde Active Acoustic and 3D sound source spatialisation from technology partner Amadeus Acoustics

Renkus-Heinz has announced the launch of an immersive Experience Center in the heart of Europe in The Hague, Netherlands. The Experience Center is intended to mark an exciting new chapter for the company in Europe, providing a new way to connect directly with Dutch and European system integrators, consultants and distribution partners and let visitors experience the loudspeaker solutions Renkus-Heinz offers firsthand.

Facilitated by More Distribution, the Experience Center will highlight the next-generation, immersive audio magic that can be created when combining Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers with the avant-garde Active Acoustic and 3D sound source spatialisation from technology partner Amadeus Acoustics.

To celebrate the launch of the Experience Center, Renkus-Heinz invited distribution partners from across the continent to a productive workshop and demo experience. The event served as an opportunity to celebrate Renkus-Heinz’s partnerships, demonstrate new technologies and exchange ideas about the company’s vision and roadmap.

“We’re seeing a growing trend of projects across Europe, and we want to keep up the momentum,” said Renkus-Heinz export marketing director Michal Poplawski.

Moving forward, the Experience Center will serve as a central meeting point for Renkus-Heinz and Amadeus Acoustics clients, consultants and integrators to experience the latest technologies and innovations in person.

“The collaboration with Amadeus Acoustics was a logical decision,” added Poplawski.  “It’s the perfect combination of advanced active acoustics and premium loudspeakers for an immersive experience, with exceptional pattern control, sound quality, and integration with room aesthetics. The introduction of beam-steerable loudspeakers adds a major advancement, offering new possibilities. We’re excited to welcome visitors to experience it for themselves at our location in The Hague, where we showcase new features such as voice lift.”

Team members from Renkus-Heinz were on site to support the launch of the Experience Center. The team gave an in-depth market analysis presentation, discussing the company’s positioning and roadmap, and also demonstrated its products and software, utilising Amadeus Acoustics’ active acoustics and immersive audio technology to show how Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers perform in different acoustic environments.

“Our plan is to continue to be a leader in loudspeaker technology,” said Renkus-Heinz VP of international sales Karl Brunvoll. “But we want to work closer with our distributors and define what direction we should take going forward. I think we had a great session together.

“The opening of this Experience Center is our response to the European market, as traditional in-person sessions have and will have a huge value to us. With our new team at the helm, launching this Experience Center feels like a clear step in the right direction.”