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UAE parliamentary hall fits SiliconCore 2.6mm pixel pitch display

The UAE Federal National Council (FNC) has equipped the main assembly hall in its new parliamentary building complex with a 7 x 4m SiliconCore Peony 2.6mm pixel pitch display.

This installation is part of the wider development FNC programme and was completed by integrator Business Link Electronics, who has since been awarded strategic partner status of the FNC, to create an AV, conference and broadcast system.

The most senior members of UAE Government including the President, Vice President and Crown Prince attend the meetings in the assembly hall, sitting below the display.

The brief specified the manufacturer needed to be a USA or European brand and the solution capable of producing multiple HD images and video to be shown simultaneously, with excellent image quality including smooth video playback.

Mohammed Jasim, MD of Business Link Electronics commented: “We were tasked to find a completely seamless display that could fit the 7 x 4 metre recess in wall without compromise. The SiliconCore Peony 2.6mm LED display perfectly fitted the brief with beyond Full HD resolution and broadcast quality playback, complemented by our simple conference room system design and operation.

“SiliconCore is extremely flexible to work with and very cooperative, with the whole system specified and installed within just 30 days.”

The solution was also required to have minimum maintenance needs, something that SiliconCore’s Common Cathode method of driving the LED achieves by improving power efficiency so that less is lost to heat.

Steve Scorse, VP EMEA for SiliconCore explained: “It was an honour to be involved in this prestigious project. The high brightness of the Peony 2.6mm ensures that presentations will be vibrant and captivating, while the extreme 160° viewing angle ensures that all members are able to clearly see the content on this truly seamless display.”

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