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Ten new Present-C single-chip DLP projectors from Barco

The new Present-C projectors combine low noise levels, high resolution, 'exceptional' image quality and a compact form factor.

Barco has added ten new models to its corporate projection portfolio. The Present-C projectors are said to be unique in combining low noise levels with high resolutions and exceptional image quality in a compact form factor. Available from this month, the new projectors are designed to increase presentation, meeting and collaboration efficiency.

“In today’s interconnected work environment there is a continuing shift towards collaboration – both locally and remotely. As people spend more time working in group than ever before, this puts meeting room technology to the test and we’ve designed our brand-new Present-C projectors to meet these challenges,” explained Romeo Baertsoen, VP strategic marketing corporate AV at Barco. “Thanks to the projectors’ high resolutions, wide aspect ratio and high contrast ratio, team members can easily share complex data sets, drawings and other information in a single high-quality image. More pixels equal more information that can be shown on screen, leading to better teamwork and higher productivity.”

The Present-C projectors’ high-quality optics provide uniform and high-contrast images with vivid, natural colours that are easy on the eyes. Moreover, their low noise level enables attendees to concentrate better and focus on what really matters during meetings: making the right decisions. Thanks to the projectors’ large pixel space – ranging from 2.1 to 4.1 megapixels – meeting participants can see all important details at once, and presentations in large auditoriums are clearly visible from the first to the last row.

The WQXGA and Panorama Present-C projectors are the flagship models of the new range, providing high resolutions and an aspect ratio of 21:9, They make the visualisation and sharing of large data sets in multi-window configurations during conference calls extremely easy – which leads to better collaboration and faster decision-making.

The Present-C series includes compact and lightweight projectors that are easy to install. Thanks to their wide range of high-quality and all-glass lenses with remarkable lens shift, there is great installation flexibility. Their white cabinets blend in perfectly with the meeting room’s interior.

The projectors feature a filter-free design and reliable DLP technology for unmatched picture accuracy and low total cost of ownership. Designed for unlimited use, the projectors are suited to set-ups that run around the clock. They’re backed by a three-year warranty and support programmes that offer next business day swap/replacement.