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TASCAM reveals eight-channel mic preamp

TASCAM has unveiled the new SERIES 8p Dyna eight-channel mic preamplifier with analogue compressor, the company’s first standalone mic preamp and A-D expansion device.

The SERIES 8p Dyna is designed for both studio and stage use and features versatile connectivity and re-designed no-compromise microphone preamp circuitry. Housed in a rugged 1U rack-mount casing, its dual S/MUX optical ports make it a perfect expansion unit for a TASCAM SERIES 102i or 208i, US-20X20, or other S/MUX-equipped audio interfaces including ADAT, or it can be used as a stand-alone front end.

TASCAM has long been known for transparent, natural, ultra-low-noise preamps, and eight TASCAM HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture) preamps are its best yet; noise level (EIN) is -127dBu; THD is 0.0007%; dynamic range: 116dB; crosstalk: 119dB. Each SERIES 8p Dyna channel also features an easy-to-use, single-control analogue compressor with true bypass for handling hot input signals and creating smooth audio input. True bypass is available per input.

With two instrument/microphone combo inputs on the front panel, you can quickly plug in mics, guitars, bass and more. Six balanced mic/line inputs grace the rear. Every microphone input has individually switched +48V phantom power for use with condenser mics.

Dual S/MUX optical outputs on the rear of the SERIES 8p Dyna enable you to use the unit as a front-end expander for S/MUX or ADAT-equipped audio interfaces, such as TASCAM’s SERIES 102i and 208i, and US-20X20. Using the two S/MUX outputs simultaneously, you can send all eight SERIES 8p Dyna channels at up to 96 kHz (four channels at 176.4 or 192 kHz).

For additional versatility, the SERIES 8p Dyna’s eight line-level analogue channel outputs are provided on both 1/4-inch balanced TRS connectors and a balanced 25-pin D-Sub connector so you can route signals to interfaces, recording mixers, front-of-house consoles, and more.

Word clock in and out BNC connectors with an In/Out/Thru switch enable proper synchronisation of digital signals. Front-panel analogue overload indicators, compression indicators, and digital peak and level meter bars enable monitoring the unit’s performance. Connect its D-Sub output to a TASCAM ML-16D or ML-32D Analog Dante converter, and it becomes a pristine front end for an audio-over-IP network. Yet the SERIES 8p Dyna is simple to operate so you can stay focused on the task at hand.