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InfoComm 2015: Tannoy launches AMS series and Lab.gruppen adds 70V LUCIA amplifiers

TC Group has announced the launch of Tannoy's AMS loudspeakers and also added two 70V models to Lab.gruppen's LUCIA range of compact amplifiers.

TC Group has announced the launch of Tannoy’s AMS series of surface mount architectural loudspeakers and also expanded the Lab.gruppen LUCIA range of compact installation amplifiers adding two new 70V models. Visitors to InfoComm can hear the AMS series in Demo Room W204B.

The new AMS series from Tannoy have been engineered to produce a sonic characteristic matched with the company’s CMS 3.0 ceiling loudspeaker launched last summer. The loudspeakers incorporate the latest Dual Concentric technology (DC) making them perfect for entertainment and hospitality venues. The range has both ceiling mount and wall mount speakers and provides a transparent sound signature throughout a multi-zoned venue.

There are seven models ranging in three form factors from 5in to 8in, and the speakers take on an aesthetic to blend in with contemporary décor with custom colours available on special order. Additionally, AMS models have undergone punishing environmental testing to achieve an IP65 rating.

Tannoy’s Omnimagnet technology and Torus Ogive Waveguide device provide more consistent and controlled directivity along with improved high frequency response.

The second announcement from TC Group sees Lab.gruppen expand the LUCIA range of compact power amplifiers with two dedicated 70V output models, the LUCIA 120/1-70 and 240/1-70. The new models are suited to applications such as restaurants and bars, retail outlets, boardrooms, galleries, and smaller event or entertainment spaces.

“There are many applications – ceiling systems in corridors or meeting rooms for example – where installing a 70V system is the preferred solution but there is no convenient nearby location for an equipment rack,” noted Klas Dalbjorn of Lab.gruppen.

“In these situations, LUCIA’s exceptionally small footprint, lightweight, multiple mounting options and input flexibility provide installers with an absolutely reliable and highly-cost effective solution. LUCIA is not only easy to install, easy to set up and easy to hide, but it’s also Energy Star approved for green building certification.”

Both new LUCIA models incorporate dual inputs, connectors are both balanced Phoenix type and unbalanced RCA for each input, with a built-in matrix function mixing the balanced and unbalanced signals with optimised gain structure.

“With the addition of the two new 70V models the LUCIA range now offers installers a choice of six compact amplifiers with diverse but complementary feature sets,” added Dalbjorn. “With the low impedance matrix models, you can have input/output matrixing and sophisticated programmable DSP inside a put-it-anywhere amplifier package. The non-matrix low impedance models are extremely cost-effective for more basic applications, and now the new 70V models extend the LUCIA concept into constant voltage distributed systems.”

Concurrent with the release of the LUCIA 70V models, Lab.gruppen are providing a new version of the Application Browser software, which will support all six LUCIA models.

Tannoy InfoComm Booth: 821